25 August 2017
Fred had his moment again, this time, he was adding a storage functionality to a car trunk.
18 August 2017
We've implemented the first bus in Vestige of the Past. Check out the first rough version!
11 August 2017
Recently we’ve teased you with random notes about one of the systems we’re incorporating in the game and we thought you might like to know more about it.
28 July 2017
The life of game developers is diverse and colourful. In the spirit of sharing the joy, we’d like you to meet Fred.
21 July 2017
In the previous blog we’ve answered questions when, why and partly what. Let’s have a look at Pre-Alpha and answer the “what” question in a bit more depth!
7 July 2017
Last week we’ve told you about our current situation, today it’s time to say a few words about the Pre-Alpha, the Early Access and the final release.
30 June 2017
It’s been a while since the last blog post and there is a good reason for it. Read more about it in this blog.
10 March 2017
In many games, you can collect flowers, herbs or fruit, however we’ve given our system a special attention. Instead of just picking whatever grew somewhere, you are able to plant seeds yourself and see the whole miracle of life in all its glory.
6 February 2017
It is an ambitious vision we chose to follow. How are we doing? Let’s have a look at our short term concise plans before the Early Access comes.