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And you will get the chance! If you want to be informed among the first, subscribe to the newsletter, we will be definitely sending out an e-mail first so the ones who are the most eager to get any news, and therefore probably also the game, will have the first chance. Even though honestly I think the list of subscribers will be much bigger than the amount of codes we will be releasing by the time pre-alpha comes.

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I would also love to be a apart of this. I do bug hunts and QA at work and have done similar with some other titles in the years past. EXCITING STUFF! I have been following you guys for some time and was unable to register to the forums previously. Keep up all the great and hard work!

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WOo HOO!!! This is great news! I too would love to be a part of helping you guys develop this amazing concepts! My fingers are crossed that I will be able to get a key. I'm in the US and a regular ole desktop.

KEep up the good work guys!!

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