Re: Pre-Alpha content

Jiri wrote:
21 Jul 2017, 11:08
In the previous blog we’ve answered questions when, why and partly what. Let’s have a look at Pre-Alpha and answer the “what” question in a bit more depth! Read more about it in this blog.
Nice! and thank you for the communication with what has been going on during. It really has helped with me putting faith into the game. I'm looking forward to potentially getting in on the Alpha to help you guys create an amazing experience.

Re: Pre-Alpha content

Jiri wrote:
22 Jul 2017, 17:40
As I've mentioned in another post, the map is gonna be too small for planes. Boats? Well, there is the dam, but for now we don't really plan boats. Maybe if we find a reasonable use/gameplay for them on such a small body of water.
A boat could be used as a relaxing way to go fishing. Maybe a certain type of fish that can be acquired only by boat and not by fishing at a dock of off the shore. it can also be a mode of transportation to cross the lake that is shown in the media page.

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