Meet Fred

28.7.2017 - by JiriDiscuss on forums

The life of game developers is diverse and colourful. In the spirit of sharing the joy, we’d like you to meet Fred.

Fred has been with us since forever. He’s the first one to come in the office and the last one to leave. He is the ace of all trades, has only good intentions, yet on his watch, the weirdest things happen inexplicably.

Just the other day, he was working on a new bus model when the bus suddenly took off! It flew over Fred’s head and away it went spinning in ecstasy. The machine was finally happy, it was finally free! Fred managed to record a video of these joyous moments before the bus finally disappeared behind the horizon.


It turned out Fred had unknowingly invented levitation drive. He was watching Blade Runner the night before so he was that much happier about his technological breakthrough. Eventually though, we had to step in and bring both him and the bus back down to earth.

Fred’s diary is full of such short stories, so don’t worry, you will hear from him again!