Fred and a trunk

25.8.2017 - by JiriDiscuss on forums

Fred had his moment again, this time, he was adding a storage functionality to a car trunk.

Have you met Fred yet? If not, check out our previous article about him!

Just recently, Fred was working on the car trunk system where you could store your things. Everything seemed great until a grave accident happened on the roads of Vestige outskirts.


Why did Fred put the trunk where Beetle actually has an engine? And what did he think when he left the engine lid in the middle of the road? We will probably never find out, but some poor guy almost paid with his life for that!


Numerous jump ramps were dangerously left behind on the road for unsuspecting drivers to hit and fly high. After the first accident, emergency services were called and the situation has been remedied, so the roads are safe once again!