Planting system

10.3.2017 - by JiriDiscuss on forums

In many games, you can collect flowers, herbs or fruit, however we’ve given our system a special attention. Instead of just picking whatever grew somewhere, you are able to plant seeds yourself and see the whole miracle of life in all its glory.

Planting system is a part of the food system. It is useful for satisfying your hunger directly or for supplying your other ventures. And if you don’t have use for the products you grew, you can always simply sell it.

And how does the process work? First you need to buy seeds. They are scarcely available in general stores, while the full range can be found in specialized gardening shops. In such a specialized store, you will find also small trees you can buy and have them delivered directly to your garden.

You plant it...

As you put a seed in the dirt, you also stick a rod with a sign into the ground next to it. That sign though has more to it than just showing you what you’ve just seeded. Do you need to know if the plant is well watered and fertilized? Or how much you can harvest? Then this little sign is the place to ask!

You water it...

You can also see there how much precisely the plant has grown already, but who would need that when you have our sweet system thanks to which the plant grows visibly in front of your eyes? It even blooms! And when you see the smallest thing grow into a juicy tomato, you are just eager to munch in! If you don't harvest them, then they will fall on the ground and rot, and that would be a shame! Each type of plant has its own pace of growing and its own demands. They are plants after all, so their survival and the richness of the harvest depends on how well you water them and if you fertilize them or not.

And it grows!

And what plants can you look forward to? We already have tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, three types of peppers, potatoes and apple and pear trees ready in the game. Plus we are now working on broccoli, cauliflower, corn, garlic and chilli peppers.

So what will you have for dinner?

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