Planning for the future

6.2.2017 - by JiriDiscuss on forums

In the Greenlight campaign, we have mentioned some ambitious plans we want to keep. How are we doing? Soon we will prepare another blog post in which we will tell you about our current work in more details. In coming months we will be sharing our developer’s endeavours regularly so you are always in the picture. Among others, we will be talking about the list below in more depth.

We will be also launching our forum soon where you will be able to discuss all the thoughts about the game you will have and once we release the first version of the game among you, it will be the main platform for gathering feedback from you.

Today it’s time for a rough development plan until the Early Access. Let’s see the main categories and what’s hiding in them:


  • First part of the map (Forest and Poor district)
  • Useful interiors like shops and homes
  • Dynamic usable objects
  • Interactive devices
  • A few characters
  • Basic quests


  • Cars (AI and usable by player)
  • Bus (usable for transportation)
  • Pedestrians


  • Fastfood
  • Planting
  • Delivery
  • Hunting


  • Hunger, thirst, poison
  • Temperature system
  • Fireplace
  • Day & Night cycle
  • Sleeping

Tech background

  • Loading & Unloading environment around player
  • Streaming LODs
  • Saving & Loading dynamic objects
  • Basic SFX
  • Basic Sound system

And that’s it for now. The list is a dynamic entity, evolving as the time and feedback from you goes. For now most of the content is in its basic form and will grow.