We want to have something to offer in return before we will ask for any money at all, therefore it's not possible to pre-order. The first opportunity to support us will come with the release of Pre-Alpha which is explained in the next question.

We haven't decided on the final pricing yet. The price will be announced before the release of Pre-Alpha.

Pre-Alpha is the very first version of the game we will release for anybody to buy. No pre-registration is needed, however the amount of copies available will be limited.

This version will be for enthusiasts only! Expect crude, buggy and very basic game in its infancy. Buy one only if you want to actively help us with the development (by sending us regular feedback and bug reports) or if you want to support us financially and you will wait with playing the game until more advanced stages.

We've had plans, deadlines and dates for the release, but as many game developers, we've had setbacks and delays. Therefore we must resort to the obligatory "when it's done" so we don't make promises we can't keep. More details on how to buy it, how many copies will be available and the pricing will be announced later.

The first group of players to be informed about the kickoff will be our subscribers. Anyone can subscribe in the top right corner of this website.

Although the game will be more advanced compared to Pre-Alpha version, we still do not recommend it for anyone who is expecting rough but mostly finalized game. Our Early Access will still be technically an Alpha version of the game. A lot will be missing or it will be in a very rough shape. By buying Early Access, you will be supporting our efforts and we will be very happy for all your constructive feedback based on your time in the game. We plan to take a few months with Pre-Alpha before releasing Early Access.

We still have more optimization to do before we can share any specific system requirements.

Currently the main focus is Sandbox and Story mode. Multiplayer is being considered though, especially the Co-op form.

We are working with Unreal Engine 4 which fits our needs the best.

At the moment, we are working on Windows PC version only. We are considering versions (Xbox One/PS4), however we want to first create something worth converting before commiting to consoles.

At this point, we are sure about English version only. On the top of our list of potential localizations, there are Czech, Russian, Spanish and Chinese languages.

Our priority is to make a great 3D open world PC game. At the moment, we do not have the capacity to be even considering full support of VR.