Alpha Testers

I have a relatively high end system. i7-4790 32gb of ram and an auros 1080 ti extreme plus ssds and what not. It seems that the clambering has died down but I am quite interested in helping develop with testing for you guys. Figured it wouldn't hurt to check. Let me know whatcha need and if you're interested ;-)

Re: Alpha Testers

That's not relatively, but truly high-end PC :)
We're now at a phase which is quite slow, but we're looking for possibilities how to speed up the processes.

I've stopped promising any dates because the truth is, in game dev, you never know how long something is gonna take unless you're making another Call of Duty, which is just re-skinning a game you already have (figure of speech).

But once we're ready with the pre-alpha, we'll "spam" everybody with that info, especially those subscribed to the newsletter :)

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