If the game is gona to be rated as adult/mature type a game and most of the simulator games are not for kids.
Then why not Drugs, Even Alcohol is already in-game. And drugs can make the game more excited!

                      Illegal Drugs
1.Psychedelic and Hallucinogenic Chemicals and Mushrooms. ( Mushrooms can be found in forest )
2.Stoner plants that you can grow on your garden or in your basement.
3.Caffeine & Mdma that can make you hyperactive.

                        Legal Drugs
1.Nicotine & Tobacco to keep the stress away & relax [ Addictive ]
2.Alcohol is alredy in-game and it looks pretty amazing!


Re: Drugs

Indeed, we plan to have halucinogenic shrooms :) Also coffee and energy drinks are gonna work in similar way to the one you suggested.
And I am taking a note of the other points you wrote!

Re: Drugs

Great idea wolf! Another question is why not put any drugs in the game you can die from? Lol just saying its clear you can die from alcohol .. just an idea if you have the time/gumption it would be awesome lol and IDK if you can die from any of the drugs listed besides alcohol and tobacco ? I mean I've taken all those in amounts that I should've died if it was possible but I'm still here hahaha

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