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Looks DOPE! Minor suggestions/questions

Posted: 14 Dec 2017, 09:50
by ShinyMaleWhorseaLel
First of all I must bow electronically to you guys! The game has an EPIC idea behind it plus it almost looks as good as the theme is genius! I love that little tid bit about how you don't even know who you are as far as the story goes so you can honestly be just about whoever you want.. like you could be a reflection of yourself or not even recognize the collection of pixels you see in the proverbial mirror! I....just...wanna play so so bad! Lol but I'm not complaining a game this deep is bound to be an insane time consumer to create and I applaud you guys, please keep it up! Now I got a question .. like how will you know if your character is tired, dehydrated, horny ..ect LMAO JK about that last one but is it gonna be like sim style with a bunch of guages or will your character give verbal ques or will it be common sense? I personally would prefer the last one but I have the feeling a lot of people would wind up dead within minutes.. today's societies common sense is somewhat lacking... Or maybe give a verbal que like once maybe twice and then hopefully they'll get it? IDK I'm just hella interested to see your ideas on it since you guys are obviously pretty good with them. Also am VERY interested in the hunting/fishing/survivalist aspect . I'm sure several players will take to a cabin in the woods as well I think you guys should incorporate variable wind speed and direction if this is possible to make hunting and fishing more lifelike . Also maybe make only certain game/fish come out at night like catfish and coyotes maybe IDK kinda spitballing here but I think the hunting / fishing aspect will be very important because surviving off the land is polar opposite of what the majority of the population does so a lot of ppl should buy this game primarily for that purpose I feel like.. maybe even make fishing more detailed like species and weight and different types of ways to fish to catch the varied species like are you fishing for predator fish like bass or playing the waiting game with your bait sitting on the bottom of the lake just waiting for a massive catfish to find it? Make pole strength and fatigue a factor as well like are you ready to fight this behemoth 50 lb catfish or has your character been up all night waiting on a bite? Or does it even matter if you're ready or not because you've been fishing with a cane pole and it breaks lol I think it would be sweet to get a reward for playing intelligently kinda like real life you know? Sorry so long but I appreciate it if you read this+ I may be in love with you :)

Re: Looks DOPE! Minor suggestions/questions

Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 10:52
by Jiri
Glad to see another enthusiast here! :)

The general thing is that we can't really make a hardcore sim of everything. First of all, every kind of sim - fishing, hunting, automechanic, and so on, would then be a standalone game meterial, literally. Just look at Steam how many of those you'll find :) So we want to be pretty complex, definitely compared to other games that sems to be of similar genre, but not that hardcore. We will warn the player about his status. But we're also thinking about hardcore mode, we don't really have a specific plan for that one yet though. Also, at the moment, we're slow because we don't have the manpower, not because it would be that much time consuming :(

In any case, I hope you'll like what we will come up with when we do :)