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Hi, just joined the forum, and I'm still learning more about this fascinating game, so forgive me if this is already a thing, and perhaps this should be its own post instead of a reply, but will players be able to choose the gender of their character when they start? I'm sure there are plenty of people that would want to play as different genders, and customize them as they see fit.

As suggested by Cyber_Stoner, it would be interesting to see different npc's interacting to how you set up your character.

Unless of course the backstory we are to be uncovering only works with a pre-written character.

Re: Gender choice

Lol this was also a question of mine..better make gender reassignment surgery an option too for when the player doesn't feel like they are getting their fair shake of being one or the other and wants to tyranny out LMFAO JK ( may get more players to purchase it offering the first game with this option lol js)

Re: Gender choice

I have not played the VOTP, so I may have missed information about this subject (sorry), but I just want to point out that gender selection when you start a game is important to consolidate the gamers identity. Especially if you want to get long gametime loyalty in a open world. Being able to influence the appearance, body shape etc. is important even for a "first person game" because you pass mirrors, windows and other smooth surfaces and you will have clothes, carry gear and tool on you. (Requires that the player's avatar / character has a body and not just arms)



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