Immersive 24/7 AI: Learn from Star Citizen!

Dear Dev this is how you bring to life the AI in your game since your running the Unreal engine the Ai software will work! :) I hope you will want this so much! Another MMO game is also having this AI because no other AI is good enough in terms of networking and creating an easier task!
The composition of characters that you see at the various landing zones – criminals, vagrants, factory workers, businessmen and women, tourists – won’t be a constant but will instead vary according to the results of a simulation tracking the individual desires and actions of millions of NPCs. That simulation – which will be impacted by the actions of the players – will also dictate the prices of various goods and services, the type of jobs available and what those jobs pay, the amount of criminal activity in an area, and many other such things. As a result, the visible fortunes of a given area will ebb and flow with the overall economy, which will make planets seem more like a living, breathing entity than a static area where you occasionally stop to refuel your ship. If an asteroid belt is discovered that’s laden with valuable elements, the economy of a nearby planet might explode as more and more NPCs are attracted to mining those assets, and fewer are willing to work in the factories. More cargo ships would be needed, which would in turn spur demand for component parts, raising prices on a whole slew of other things. Hijackers would be drawn to the lightly armed transport ships, which would result in more conflict in the shipping lanes and, eventually, significant increases in things like the cost of weaponry, ammunition, and protective escorts for that area. As the resources of the mine were gradually depleted, or more NPCs or players showed up to exploit the situation in one way or another, the planetside economy and activity within the system would reflect those changes. Over time, then, systems will face considerable change across a range of different areas.
With entire planets being built in Star Citizen, how do you plan on making them feel alive and vibrant?
Every NPC will have their own individual 24-hour schedule periodically constructed for them based upon things like how the economy is doing and what’s happening and within the solar system. A prosperous, growing economy might be reflected by the streets being filled with businessmen, tourists, and shoppers by day, and bar patrons, restaurant diners, and revelers at night. Criminal activity – muggings, vandalism, pickpocketing, and even assault – might rise significantly once the sun sets, especially in those areas off the beaten path or on planets facing economic hardship. Some stores will close at night, leaving travelers arriving at odd hours and in need of their services and/or products to either burn some time at one of the establishments open around the clock, or trying to find an alternative source for their needs, which might mean trying to strike a late-night deal in a dark alley with a character of questionable integrity.
  • CIG's intention is for the player to form long lasting relationships with all of the in-game characters. Players will develop reputation in a number of different fields that will determine how NPCs will respond to you
  • One to one relationships will be based off your personal interaction and history with said character. As characters get more comfortable with you they will act differently
  • You must continue to perform job/tasks to maintain your reputational status within the community for that job, if you discontinue your reputation will gradually decrease back to baseline
  • Future AI will probably head more towards algorithmic but not purely algorithmic(ability to algorithmically create variations of things)
  • They’ve been pursuing the ability to create all these handcrafted items for awhile so designers can build on top of that and link those pieces together
    Further iterations giving variety to where choosing the right weapons for the scenario will be vital.
  • Long term, having encounters with AI becoming more meaningful and using AI you’ve encountered as a baseline for future ones. Say you encounter a pirate while hauling and he beats you up pretty good, they could then take that pirates bio, and create scenarios down the road that you may encounter him again in different ways so that you carve out your own little universe of connections amidst everyone else’s.
  • Adding wildlife is going to be exciting because that’s what can really bring a planet to life and having different kinds of wildlife from primitive frogs, to animals that you’d expect intelligence out of.

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