Co Op heated discusson for The Long Dark!

This should take high priority cause here are some post from TLD complaining that it should be in the game but it isn't cause of the mechanics of the game! There is about 172 post talking about so there you got its a very wanted feature for hardcore survival if that is what will be for the vestige!

Some quotes: I might have to put for and against and sorry for mess!

Multiplayer in The Long Dark
I think it would be amazing if the devs added multiplayer some time in the future... just think about it, no monsters or anything, just pure nature is the danger and all of the players work together to survive... or kill eachother for the loot to survive, think about it!

I think one of the main issues that would cause issues would be the time lapse would cause a de-sync between the players in the world. If you have time lapse, then you can't have MP. I know Project Zomboid hasn't figured out how to work around this issue. Their answer was to eliminate sleeping altogether and basically have everyone just stand around all night long until daybreak.

If anyone knows of a way to have time-lapse AND MP in the same game session, I'm sure Hinterland or the highest bidder would be interested in your advise though. :D

True, hopefully this can be resolved for a multiplayer option.

I would love to be able to play this co-op with a friend. A survival game with two people instead of one isn't much of a larger stretch, but it sure adds some interesting dynamics to the game as you now have a team of two to worry about (in a land with limited resources) rather than just one. Just because you escaped the wolf attack unscathed doesn't mean your friend did, for example. And now their problem is your problem.

I tend to believe a game that offers an option to co-op also sells more units than had it just been single player only.

That may be true but even don't starve devs said they weren't EVER going to do multiplayer even though people have been screamign for it... now they are.

Long story short, theres been a growing trend of people wanting co op games. MUCH MORE SO co p survival games.... so heres to hoping they get to it down the line, sure... i would definately want the game to be finished fully first, but a social aspect would be great... after all.. two mouths two feed? double the challenge.


It would only turn into PVP when people start running unregulated servers.

PVP, and COOP are game play styles, not a hold, and fast model, and people immediately think that MP = PVP only, and COOP equals something else entirely, I don't know maybe we can start calling it MP2 just to make people feel better.

If anything, the majority of servers would be private servers, and it's up to the admin running the servers who will dictate if there is going to be PVP in the first place, otherwise it just will not happen.

I also highly doubt you will see forty person servers for this game, or see official servers popping up anywhere.

It's a sad thing.. That even the developer said this, and all the hate on multiplayer...
this is my idea (maybe because i'm an adult player):

I already have dayz, and i'm a koser (killer on sight).. why? Just because there aren't other choice atm.. Is this game really challenging? Is it really difficoult to survive? Then pvp shouldn't be a problem.. Do you want to tweak pvp ratio to 0? Solution: small servers (up to 4 players or 8 at max), possibly with the option to make it private... I said this because playing alone is boring (more with a survival game, because your gonna perform again and again the same actions) and i usually play these kind of games with a friend of mine (dayz too)... Is it so bad, to want to share the experience with someone else?

@Erre12, TLD it is really a very challenging game, it is "You vs Mother Nature".

I have been in Scouting for many years and in the Army and what TLD developers have "brought up" is really amazing. They added many things (and many other will be added later) that we have been teached and teaching in Scouting and in Army (but in game is a little more different that real life suriving but it has the same "structure") about surviving in wilderness and in bad weather conditions (of course I haven't been in a true bad condition as in the game but you get my point).

TLD is the game that will put you in a condition of how long you will manage to survive before you find civilization and/or rescue team (still the Story mode is in progress so we only have the Sandbox to see how many days we will survive, one player has survived for 72 days, the highest record from any other player).

TLD isn't a game for Multi and/or Co-op due to how it is "builded" (One thing that comes in my mind is that loot do not respawn), if the devs add in the future a Steam workshop, then some fellow players maybe they will manage to create a Multi and/or Co-op mod for TLD (as it happened with S.T.A.L.K.E.R).

I would rather they spend their limited funds on single player and not waste it on coop. Those of you that want a coop winter survival game, why not get together and design it and make it. You will probably need in excess of £1 million to make anything decent.

I think that a server that caps at 4 players would be a lot of fun! I understand that some people desire the raw survival experience but, for people like me, the repetitive actions that come with survival games get really boring if you don't have anything to take your mind off them.

And yes, some aspects of survival would be easier, like hunting, but other aspects become much harder, like dividing up food and supplies! Imagine: You and your friend are down to your last pork and beans and you are both starving. Who lives and who dies? That is a survival aspect that is not confronted in single player.

Also, to make it so that you can't farm fresh spawns for starting loot, have inventory server-based!

Finally, in regards to the time lapse issue, a multiplayer mod for Kerbal Space Program tackled it in a very interesting way: if one person was ahead of you in their time, you could sync to their time. Or you could do what minecraft does, where you can only fast forward through the night if everyone on the server is in bed.

These are my thoughts on this topic, I think that multiplayer would be awesome!

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