Hard Question to Ask on the success of the game!

1. It actually quiet dangerous bringing out a game like this with out a kickstarter to see if your game will be a success. So many survival zombie games out there that you need to compete wisely and get the attention of those who love SURVIVAL, EXPLORATION AND A THRILLING STORY EXPERIENCE.

I hope the dev team can be transparent and ask the hard questions of why they want to bring out this game? Will it be just like other survival zombie games just with out zombies? Are you just creating a map where you just make your own story? Or will they be deep mechanics in survival and exploration? Most MMO survival mechanics is very basic because it a casual game!

Question to ask yourself

2. Will this be close to a simulation so you can add further detail to it later down the road? Basic function does have challenge and future replays! Just like Euro truck sim?

3. Have you thought of a detail survey on what players hardcore and casual are looking for in a survival exploration game? You need to get alot of players wanting to be interested and offering something new and challenging to players. So I hope you can do this as it will be very good!

There is already alot of survival with zombie games out there so the challenge to success will be concentrating on the survival and exploration.

5. You also got to look at who are your targeting? Just guys? Or also women? As I am the only one on these forums and will try to get other girls to come and join!

6. What have you learnt from other survival games with out zombies? What works? What doesn't? I have seen a few that has failed and were just negative in the end so I hope you do not make that same mistake!

7. What is your dream for this survival game? Have a look at Star citizen and what they wanted for their game, I hope your dream is similar! Are you a developer with a passion on survival with out zombies? Is that how you see yourself? Since on your site you got another horror game so wondering if this is your burning passion for a good hardcore survival game?

8. Is the project of the game too big? Do you need to downsize it? A story and a sanbox is good but adding careers is a bit ambitious with out knowing how popular your game will be! Could be goals you can do when the game has got the numbers, staff and income to do something like that. Don't try and include so many different things and just concentrate on the important features such as survival, story & sandbox. You can set them as funding goals to reach but start small before attempting anything bigger! Cause I am hoping this will be a very thought out survival, exploration and story game! Not just something really quick put together or else it will not do well. Or it could just be basic and that is the end of the game!

There are fantasy MMO with basic survival mechanics so players might want to play those games more then yours!

9. Identity MMO is doing something very similar so how are you going to attract those players to stick? Who are you attracting? They got professions and players will run the game
https://www.identityrpg.com/info/ So I hope your focus is on survival and exploration and then add other features if the game gets more popular!

10. Explaining who are and what games you made will help!

11. Are you going to be very involved on the forums cause the TLD team have been very involved!

[h1] Kickstarter success [/h1]
Hinterland wrote: We released a playtest build to our first backers — we started with a set of about 10 who had been our “superbackers”, people who had pledged $1500 to our Kickstarter. We got some great feedback, and started relationships with what would become our core “Scouts” playtesting group, many of which remain active playtesters today! We then started rolling the build out to the next wave of backers, and the next. As game creators who had worked solely in the traditional “closed” development model, where we’d work on a game for 2-3 years and then launch it when it was finished, hoping that our hard work, and the efforts of the marketing department, would ensure success — we were just thrilled by this new development methodology! This new world of open development, where we could share our work-in-progress and get immediate feedback to help us improve the experience — this was an intoxicating realization for us. Looking back now, after 80 updates to The Long Dark, and hundreds of games on Early Access, we all now take this for granted. But for us, sharing our first playtest build was a revelation. We felt like we were stepping out from behind closed doors and seeing the light of day for the first time. We were immediately hungry for more feedback!

But, we realized we had two problems. First, our playtest sample was too small. Even if we gave the build to all our backers (which we were reluctant to do at the time, because at that point we were still very indoctrinated in our triple-A mindset of holding back the game until it was finished), we wouldn’t get enough data to really tune the mechanics, which were already getting quite complex for a small team to build and test. So, we needed a larger test pool! At that point we were learning about Early Access and thought it might be part of the answer. But now we had a second problem. Our game was supposed to be a narrative experience, and nobody would want to play a story-driven game before it was done. We wanted to make sure that the first time people experienced our story, it would have its full impact. How could we get useful playtesting feedback on mechanics, without ruining the player’s first experience of the story?


Since your a small indie company have you looked at the Long Dark! They went on for 4 years Early access and it was major hit and story is just coming out soon! Same thing like you, story mode, sandbox survival and players love it! Graphics simple, mechanics challenging! So I hope that is your plan too and don't release it in 2018/19 that is too short for a well develop story! They also have episodes so if your going down the route of story i hope you spend time on it!

You can release the sanbox and that is what TLD did and players been playing it for 4 years strong while waiting for the story! Its the only realistic survival game out there which has been very successful.

Simulation games are popular when done right! Just like Euro truck 2!

TLD Going strong!
It had an all time peak of 3,850 players!
The last 30 days they have been 2,363!

Have a read and hope you can do the same and go on kickstarter to get more funds!! I

Spend time on quality instead of rushing it as there is alot to talk about! Attract hardcore survival players!

Thank you for reading! And hope you can put these answers down on an FAQ pin thread! Gives confidences to players what to expect?

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