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just an idea but i am looking to help out with this game as much as i can so i was thinking of a discord server. I noticed many other games have one for updates and general chat so having experience with discord before was wondering if you would like me to set up an official/unofficial discord? or anything else i could possibly help with! i am almost always accessible and always online.

Re: discord sever

It's a great idea to have such a channel! We were thinking of public Slack channel, but this will be even better. Its time will come after the release of the Pre-Alpha for those who can play it.

Re: discord sever

grouty02 wrote:
18 Jul 2017, 18:42
great. i will always be available if you need help with any servers and can easy set a discord up for you while the game is in development!
count me in for the Discord channel. I'm already on it for a few other games as well.

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