My Kind of Game

I have been lurking around the forums and the game website for about half a year, so I decided it is about time to make a post. I do not post on forums often, but this is a special case; I love good survival games.

I have been looking for good survival games for a long time. I look for the more realistic sort of games that have needs systems (hunger, thirst, etc), like Unreal World. Unfortunately, that game is the best survival experience I have found in a video game. I know many games come close, but they lack certain realistic elements. For instance, most "survival" games I found that have farming include crops have an extremely short growth period; some of these are unbelievable.

I was quite excited to find such a developed cooking system in this game. In fact, that is what stood out to me the most. I have never seen a game with such a detailed and realistic cooking system. It has tremendous potential. I would not be surprised if other games copied this mechanic in the future. I am quite excited about what you have in store for us. Thank you for the the time you all have put into this game.


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