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Re: Steam

We'll definitely be on steam once we have something worth putting up there :) The end of Greenlight won't affect us in any way.

Re: Drugs

Who says we won't have shrooms you can die after eating them? :)
Overdosing? Perhaps. But dying from tobacco? I don't think so.

Re: Pre-Alpha content

As we want only limited number of people for this stage, the Pre-Alpha will run through Steam, but the selling will be done outside. Basically you will buy a full game in advance, but you will also receive a key for Pre-Alpha on Steam as a bonus.

Re: Alpha Testers

That's not relatively, but truly high-end PC :) We're now at a phase which is quite slow, but we're looking for possibilities how to speed up the processes. I've stopped promising any dates because the truth is, in game dev, you never know how long something is gonna take unless you're making anothe...

Re: Drugs

Indeed, we plan to have halucinogenic shrooms :) Also coffee and energy drinks are gonna work in similar way to the one you suggested.
And I am taking a note of the other points you wrote!

Re: CO-OP Feature

As I've mentioned in the discussion on Steam, Wolf, we do have the Co-op on our wishlist. It all depends on how well received will the game be and what feedback will we get once it's out there.

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