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Re: CO-OP Feature

There could be some very unique things you could do in Co op on a game like this but it isn't absolutely necessary may be kinda hard to incorporate into the story too .. regardless this game can be epic just being single player I mean look at skyrim/fallout4

Re: Gender choice

Lol this was also a question of mine..better make gender reassignment surgery an option too for when the player doesn't feel like they are getting their fair shake of being one or the other and wants to tyranny out LMFAO JK ( may get more players to purchase it offering the first game w...

Re: Weapons

A scope is almost required for hunting imo also would love to see two or more fishing poles/styles implemented for the survivalists would be sweet to make that distinction oh and different bait IDK beggars can't be choosers I've already kinda mentioned this once but I'd like to hear if anyone else s...

Re: Drugs

Great idea wolf! Another question is why not put any drugs in the game you can die from? Lol just saying its clear you can die from alcohol .. just an idea if you have the time/gumption it would be awesome lol and IDK if you can die from any of the drugs listed besides alcohol and tobacco ? I mean I...

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