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Have you guys thought about what kind of music you will have in the game? I could see some nice soft guitar.

Re: Sitrep

I'd be happy to help as well, I agree with stu about the "only one first impression" thing, but there is always room to grow and how I see it is if you take the time to go through and find bugs and glitches in the pre-alpha, then you will grow better at the game and understand more of it, as well a...

Re: Sitrep

If their is anyway i can help just message me. I'd like to have a complete game that takes longer and is more polished, than something rushed, full of glitches, and unplayable. As you know what they say. "You can have only one first impression."

Re: Kickstarter

EpixXx wrote:
24 Jun 2017, 18:47
How about starting a Kickstarter Campaing for your Game? Iam sure that you will get huge positive Feedback and a big Support for your Developement!
I'd be up for that.

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